SkullCandy Headphones: The Top Three SkullCandy Headphones

If you think about items and tools that would work well with your most basic of outdoor sports and action sports, it is hard not to think about SkullCandy headphones. It is pretty natural these days to be on the move and stay active with your favorite music blaring in your ears. The best designed headphones are the ones that offer a great sound and those that are equipped with various handles and clips that maximize a person’s listening experience.

Think about it, if you had headphones on and they keep slipping, where is the fun in that? Together with all these little things, the headphones are now equipped with ear pads to allow music lovers to listen to their music for longer periods of time. If you want a great sound experience while you’re on the move, get yourself some SkullCandy Best SkullCandy Headphones.

There are a myriad of products and headphone models that SkullCandy provides for. Of all these, the best of them are the SkullCandy INK’D Earbuds, the SkullCandy Skullcrushers, and the SkullCandy Lowrider Headphones. SkullCandy has something for everyone. If you want it small and inconspicuous, you can get yourself the SkullCandy headphones in the INK’d earbuds model. This works well with your MP3 player and your iPod. They’re 11mm speakers with 51 inches of cord and also three different ear gels you can try on for the best fit. The sound quality is really good for these SkullCandy Headphones.

With regard to pumping music into your head, maybe you’d like to get the SkullCrushers model. It’s a subwoofer stereo headphone. You can go ahead and adjust the in line bass amplifier on this little baby and you also have subwoofers vibrating along in your speakers as you listen to your favorite tunes. This is a SkullCandy first. If you have yourself an MP4 player, these headphones would do very well. Music with heavy bass sounds just great and if you connect this to portable DVD players, you have something of a surround sound effect.

Finally, the SkullCandy headphones referred to as the Lowrider headphones. With these headphones, you have the loudest of loud going for you. The speakers are 40 mm that you can fold in half. This makes these headphones great for traveling and training. If you want a clean and crisp sound to go with your music, then this is just the type of SkullCandy headphones to go for.